Welcome Reader


I am Abhijit Zimare, a novice writer, reader and educationalist. I am an enthusiastic human being to know and learn everything that nature offers us.

Currently I am pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. I am passionate about education sciences, technology and  literary arts. As of now, I research various factors influencing education systems and design smarter learning and teaching mechanisms. I love reading articles on psychology, philosophy and religion and writing fantasy and creative literature.

Music is in my soul, I am curious to learn it in near future. I love almost all genre of music, Reprise and Soft Rock being the favourites.

My works in this blog is about everything I feel, understand and want to express. Some of them are hypothetical derivations and others are experienced. Articles, blog posts from other writers, poems and inspiring stuff from internet is what comprises this blog post. You may click on the social icons there to get in touch with me. Feel free to communicate.

The theme of this blog is very apt to my nature of exploring and questioning.  For I as an author am a person of thoughts, beliefs and questions…in search of the answers. That’s the soul of “The Wisdom Blogs”

” A curious soul in search of wisdom”