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The WHY factor in Education

The 21st century has in all changed a lot in ways we used to live our lives even a decade ago. In an age where technology becomes obsolete every year there has been minimal research work and implementation on Advanced Education Systems and use of Technology in Education. Many scholars would debate on this that there is phenomenal growth in the use of technology in Education over a decade or so, but I would differ to agree and I have reasons for it.

Use of technology in education is only limited to the concept of use of computer science engineering in education, whereas the crux still remains untouched and that is the development in techniques and psycho-social development in education. Even though we introduce a hell lot of technical assistance in learning the reasons why it won’t produce best results is the question — WHY?


WHY — As humans we are naturally inclined towards seeking knowledge, but over the years we are not seeking knowledge, our habits have changed and the only thing we are seeking right now is information. So basically, we transformed from a highly sophisticated knowledge seeking species to programmed robots.

We know the WHAT of everything, we know the HOW and gradually we are developing on it and we even know the WHO. They are all printed in textbooks and carved in our minds, but we have no answer to WHY.

Why are things happening the way they are right now?

Why are we suppose to follow the norms?

Why should I be a part of the rat race?

Why are we degrading as humans?


A Purposeful Education


It’s is the most fundamental questions that directly triggers the pituitary glands. The motive behind education should not be seeking information but purposeful knowledge. WHY is the question we are supposed to train the kids to ask. They are supposed to search for their purpose themselves and discover the answers not mentioned in the textbooks.

For humanity to progress and sustain it must be devoted to the most intimate questions and dare to seek for the unknown , this is not something new. Our ancestors have been doing this since ages. We just need to polish the rust and bring purpose to our learning and produce people who are educated and not just literate.


Living in a Land of Honor !

We leave no chance to criticize our country, these are some awesome images I found. You should sure take a look

1.  With cases of dowry being reported every now and then, this dowry-free town in Kerala is a shining example for the country.

2.  While incidents about violence between Hindus and Muslims continue to be reported, this sight of a man dressed as Hanuman blessing a Muslim man is heartwarming!

3. And so is this picture of a Muslim mother walking with her kids dressed as Hindu deities Krishna and Radha. Did somebody say communalism?

4.  This site of a schoolgirl sharing water with a couple shows that you don’t need money to be generous. All you need is a big heart!

5. The sign board reads that this man would polish shoes free of cost on the 101st birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Such a moving gesture!

6. This is Uttar Pradesh IAS officer Ajay Shankar Pandey’s room. The board reads: “I clean my room myself. Please don’t dirty it unnecessarily and increase my workload.”

7. Courageous Zanjeer did what most of us wouldn’t even dare to. He saved thousands of lives during the serial blasts in 1993 in Mumbai by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX. He was buried with full honours in 2000.

Courtesy :  ScoopWhoop Though they too have borrowed the images form somewhere else. So whoever is the owner of these images, THANKS a ton for inspiring us. 🙂

What is the biggest lie society has taught you to believe?

Answer by Salman Shamsi:

  1. Deep pockets mean the person is successful
  2. Fair complexion means the person is beautiful
  3. High marks means the person is smart
  4. A less talkative person is dumb
  5. A very talkative person is dumber
  6. The quietest of the pack is the dumbest
  7. Thick glasses mean the person is a nerd
  8. Love means sex
  9. All stories end happily
  10. More knowledge means more intelligence

What is the biggest lie society has taught you to believe?