• “The world is ruled by idiots, at times in crucial circumstances you have to behave like one”
  • “I love the way you look at me, then I catch you and you look away”

  • “You don’t choose your profession, your profession does”
  • “Technology is dominated by two kinds of people, those who understand it but do not manage and those who manage but do not understand”
  • “Anger is the potion for self defence”
  • “Human being is supposed to master all arts, except the art of making priorities”
  • “Students in 21st century usually fail not because of incompetency but because they rebel for their rights of imagination against the systems rules of literacy”
  • “What makes social life difficult is adapting to society’s norms and once done implying it on people which we once used to be”
  • ” A Genius lies in all of us, the problem is you either don’t know how to use it or the world doesn’t understand how you are demonstrating it”
  • “You will be assumed as a fool till the time you achieve something according to society’s norms. After that even the stupidest of your words become sensible”
  • “Quotation is a juicy use of language to facilitate young minds for some motivation and also at times putting a test of comprehension skills.”

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