What distinguishes an IITian from non-IITian ?

Strolling around with ideas an then I found this to replenish some old memories!

Rohit Bansal

Many a times, I wondered what lies the major difference between an IITian and non-IITian. Is it like just their IQ-level and presence-of-mind that distinguishes these people ? Is it their intelligence  that attracts companies like Google, Microsoft, etc and they never need to worry about the placements…? Whatever field an IITian chose he gets success, anything be it Civil Services or GATE or CAT. I am NOT an IITian but definitely I had once been an IIT aspirant, so here is a brief note of my experience for all those who dream to be IITian.

Yes, its true, definitely the IITian could ‘think a better solution’ than us because they are more ‘focussed’ towards their goals. They are passionate to look for solutions not like the ones who says “Ohh! this seems to be impossible for me..I quit” Always learn to solve rather than complicate things if…

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