A Tear and Smile


Fairer than the moon brighter than the sun
Your lips never kept a word undone
Your pink flushed face, Your bare white skin
Glowed in the dark not only within
They all did say you sleep under red light
How absurd could that be you’re just a double nine
I looked; I wandered for your true past
But all I can find were nine lines of crass
One were the needy eight other more
Boorish and vulgar you were my favorite whore
There were times I knew you needed my hand
Sad! But what could I do I was only a man
A wife two children and an old dame
What could I do I thought I was going insane
And now you are gone with blood dripping fast
A knife in your chest and now all my past
For times I was thinking what should I do
A wife two children the rest ado
Oh love forgive me, Cause now you are gone
No one now to love you,your charm has now hung
Let tom or peter of harry or nick
Come now to love my dear fair chick
I knew you loved me from your heart within
Sad but sorry I can’t have more twins
I thought you’d yonder but you did not
You knew this would happen,Without much gloss
Please don’t blame me, I dint lie.
You knew I had my home at sunrise
Whatever has gone is now my past
You and memories they both will last

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