Blanket of Love



Somewhere in recent time,
Our blanket of love was torn.
Now at the present hour,
It is tattered and badly worn.

In the beginning it was tightly woven,
It looked perfect and new,
All of a sudden it has become old,
With holes you can see right through.

We took our love for granted,
We gave it no thought.
Now I realize that our love was priceless,
A blanket that cannot be bought.

A blanket that gave us shelter,
And used to keep us warm,
Now gives us neither,
And only does us harm.

I do not want to cast if off,
I do not want you to leave,
But I think that it is best,
This I truly believe.

It will hurt me when we split,
The great pain of being apart.
But I shall keep a piece of what was,
And hold it close to my heart.

Thought our bond may be ending,
I want you to know,
That I shall remember you always,
Wherever I may go.

Of everything I recall,
There is nothing I regret.
Of all the happy times we had,
None I will ever forget.

So give me one last kiss,
Let us then say goodbye.
I will love and remember you,
Every night I sit and cry.

– Anon


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