The Blogger Rise


This is the first blog of mine and its for the reasons I started blogging.

In good old school days, I had a passion for writing and basically scibbling whatever that comes to my mind. Later my teachers took that insanity to a whole new level. Participating in literary arts competitions and winning a few is enough impetus for a new writer to be born out of nowhere and of course we are gifted with volatile memory and super-unstable mind that takes us places in matter of seconds, that add up as a catalyst to the volcanic brainstorming. I drafted my first short story when I was 13 and composed my first poem even earlier,11.

Blogging for me has turned out to be live saving internet addiction. For a guy who is shy enough to introduce his name a new class, blogging had did all what psychology experts won’t.

We all have a fantasy land, few storming ideas, crazy beliefs and we want people to know it. Most of the times we are unsure of the reaction and hold ourselves back. The rising star is dead before its birth in matter of seconds. Blogging gives a liberty to shout-out all that’s pressured inside us, it may be good, bad or crazy but then it gives an opportunity to open up our minds and live in a more intellectually free and philosophically connected world. Our beliefs, thoughts get the response they deserve. In a world where finding wisdom in midst of chaos has become struggling job, blogging can be what that saves the day for you.

I hope this inspires you to live a life of more psychological freedom and content.


Happy Blogging!


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